Nutrition to Fuel your Fitness

Work hard. Eat right. See results. Get the tools to reach your goals in and out of training sessions with FlexIt Nutrition™

Nutrition guidance with your body in mind

Get the most out of your training with the right combination of supplements, vitamins, and nutrition for your body—recommended by our experts and backed by science.

Lose weight or body fat

Support weight loss goals by getting long-lasting energy with sustained-release carbohydrates, zero sugar, and all the nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Build muscle and improve athletic performance

Pre & post workout formulas deliver the nutrients your body needs to maximize the results of every workout, while essential vitamins lessen the strain on your body and prepare you for the next game.

Improve your health

Improve your daily health with the right vitamins to deliver essential minerals into your body. Increase mobility, reduce inflammation, and more so you can flex your best!

Get personalized vitamins & supplements to keep you training at your best

Answer a few questions about you and your goals to get a personalized wellness bundle delivered to your door.

Wellness delivered to you


Chat with your nutritionist about your health and fitness background or take our lifestyle and goals quiz.


We’ll build you a personalized wellness recommendation designed to help you reach your goals faster.


Get your vitamins and supplements delivered to your door so you can easily stay on track.


Meet our nutritionists

Kristen Halleran profile picture

Kristen Halleran

Nutrition and Food Science w/ a Concentration in Dietetics Exercise Nutrition

Nutrition, Diet Management, Weight Loss

Hailey Birch profile picture

Hailey Birch

Registered Dietician

Nutrition, Diet Management, Fat Loss

recipe book    

We know it can be difficult in a busy season to be health conscious, so we have done the work for you. These dishes will be delicious at any festivity, and will give you bonus points for keeping it nutritious. Read through our book to find options for every seat at the table - we included options for all of our vegetarian, vegan, and gluten/dairy free friends out there.

Loaded Hummus

Loaded Hummus

Cilantro Lime Chicken Breast

Cilantro Lime Chicken Breast

Baby Red Potato Salad with Apples

Baby Red Potato Salad with Apples

Eat better. Feel better. Get the nutrition advice you need

When you work with one of our nutritionists, you’ll get personalized guidance to keep you training at your best.


Diet and nutrition management

What is intermittent fasting? Keto or a low fat diet? So how do you count macros anyways? Our nutrition experts can help you figure out the healthiest way to fuel your body.


Supplements for peak performance

Perform at your best, then let your muscles recover safely with pre-workout, protein, aminos, and more. We’ll recommend the perfect mix of training supplements for your fitness goals.


Wellness for your mind and body

Keep your body at tiptop shape, even when you’re not training. Get a personalized vitamin and mineral recommendation to help you protect your muscles, improve your sleep, relieve stress, boost your gut health, and more.

Woman making nutritious salad with vegetables in the kitchen